John Fielder – Coaching

Final Assessment Session

Assessment on 1st September 2009


This was an interesting and productive session that commenced amidst a problematic microphone connection which caused a five minute delay and once this was resolved we had a restart and all progressed well towards a positive and rewarding outcome within a few seconds of 30 minutes.
Sorin has a positive and focused approach which combined with excellent listening and reflecting skills enabled the clients’ agenda to be closely focused on and almost driven to a successful conclusion. This approach was totally appropriate on this occasion as the client wished to gain the greatest possible insight into the presenting challenge of anew training program.
The focus on the agenda was total and there was a true feeling of genuine interest for the client that enabled trust and rapport to be built very rapidly.
Sorin allowed space for the client to reflect and generate new ideas as well as retrieving past successful, though forgotten initiatives.
Sorin challenges well, uses VHF to good effect and quickly clarifies to ensure that he has the understanding of the clients’ responses so that he can manage the coaching process effectively.
The open questions were used effectively and in a conversational mode that enabled the client to approach the topic from a variety of angles.
As an addition to an otherwise first class session there was room for a greater trust in his intuition and a clearer calibration of the clients’ commitment to attaining his goal.

Score: 25 Distinction


John Fielder – Master Coach

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